Radius Funk Original Music Videos by Genre


Super Jelly

Chase Scenes, Speed, Aggression, Control, Triumph, Courageous Adrenaline, hectic, surprise

Hard Rock: Sounds like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai

Distant Shores

The long view, far away sound of sirens calling for you to hear what's missing and what needs to change. It's the inner voice, but with words. you add your own words.

Grunge: Sounds like STP, Stone Temple Pilots

Frenetic Nights

Supernatural, Tribal, Suspense, Fear, Psychedelic, Trippy, Mysterious, Indiginous

Psychedelic Rock: The Merman, Dick Dale, Davey Allen and the Arrows, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Schenker, MSG


Diablo in a blue dress

Hot Samba Dance, night club, elegant, sensuous, smooth textures for late nights, that far away feeling

Samba Jazz: Sounds like Brazilian Latin music

What it is

Hustle and bustle of dense city traffic, with people rushing, bumping and flying through streets

Jazz Samba: Sounds like Pat Metheny, Steve Morse, but more Brazilian, and elegant

Rainy Day Fantasy

Introspection, memory, fantasy, wish, transcending time and space, the people you see and wish your knew and how they might involve you. Glitz and lights reflecting in rainy cities and dark cloud structures

Post modern jazz: Sounds like Pat Martino, Chuck Loeb



Flaunt it, Move it, Shake it, Push it, Style and Party on the boat, jump into the water

Funk Rock: Sounds like Gov't Mule, Maceo Parker, Duran Duran, Glenn Hughes

Another One Bites the Funk

Late night, foreign cities, you never know who you will meet. Watch closely.

Dance Funk Space Dub Trance: Sounds like No One we know.


Crisp dry wind air with ringing of ice chords, fresh powder runs Outdoor air lonely clear air funk with flowing jam.

Funk Rock: Sounds like John Scofield, Scott Henderson, Tribal tech


Sapphire bullets

Before the exultation of success and adrenaline, there is often a long dark road of travel, preparation and struggle with violent attacks and distractions along the way. The guts required for glory, are honed by years of sacrifice. As with skiing, so to with music. The higher you climb; the better the vantage point.

Progressive Rock: Sounds like Yes, Mahavishnu Orchestra, John Mclaughlin

Downfall #1

Emotional changes from people and relationships drive us up and down paths of reaction and response.

Psychedelic Blues Rock: Sounds like Warren Haynes, Joey Bonamassa, Jimi Hendrix


Beauty, grace, motion, color and sense of space, time, and orchestration of visual metaphors

Pop Rock: Sounds like U2, Simple Minds, INXS, Tears for Fears


Mysterious past

Memories of travels in exotic lands, and charming friends along the path. Just don't get too wrapped up or your memories could turn sad. Your sense of time will shift as you travel through these far away places. Enjoy the journey

Alternative, Space Rock: Sounds Like Incubus, King Crimson, Robert Fripp, Bill Frisell

Diamond Age

Traveling alone on the train, the look in your eye conveys all that is necessary to change your life. For the better or worse. Don't take it (the train) lightly. Look for your Diamond Age. However long it lasts.

Ambient Modern Rock: Sounds like Hoobastank, Lost Prophets

Tonight's Tomorrow

Wondering who's driving the movement of clouds, the presence in the sky, and much more? Space and time for thought and consideration, respite from the storm of cacophonous confusion that is the modern world

Ambient Rock: Sounds like 'God is an Astronaut'


Elsewhere Live

This is Jazz with a rock chorus, a seamless transition between distinct genres with a change in moods and modalities. Our goal was to change outlook and emotion without using a single world.

Blues Rock: Sounds like Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vahn, Joey Bonamassa


Dig that deep bass groove, and trumpet of double stop guitar with the rotational abstract beauty of art, people and landscape, set to psychedelic blues rock with funk interludes. Juxtapose texture, grace, motion and humor. Let your Blues be hot

Blues Rock: Sounds like Jeff Beck, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic

Downfall #2

The sport of gravity surfing provides plenty aggressive downfalls. You may meet someone special, or meet your maker. Balance is key.

Psychedelic Rock: Sounds like Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino, Mahogany Rush, but with Jazz drumming style